Welcome to Citizen's Arrest

Welcome to Citizen's Arrest

About Us

Our Mission


We created this page and service to confront the fears and anxiety that comes with having contact with law enforcement. We believe that personal empowerment and the assurance of knowing that you are not alone, goes a long way to alleviating these fears. 

Our Statement


Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps in communication between the individual and their family. We also offer a quality service that will ensure that your loved ones will be immediately notified in the event of an arrest.

Our Goal


Between the time that you are stopped, frisked, detained, arrested and given a phone call, hours can pass by. Just imagine going for a quick run to the supermarket, but for one reason or another you get arrested. Those few hours can feel like a lifetime, especially if no one knows where you are, or can contact you. We provide a unique service that seeks to establish constant contact with you and keep your loved ones informed about your arrest.  


Sign up for our 24 hour help line and support system. Please include 3 Emergency Contacts along with Email address for a fast response.

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We believe that a business with great intentions can make an impact on the world. LETS WORK TOWARDS CHANGE!

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